Customized Training

CDS can customize training for your school, community/civic organization, business or government agency in the following areas:

  • Conflict Resolution
    • Internal Workplace Disputes
    • Conflict Coaching for the Workplace
    • Building Positive Workplace Accord: Team Collaboration
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Mediation
    • Peer Mediation
    • Attendance Mediation
  • Life Skills for Anger Management
  • Intrapersonal Conflict Coaching
  • Restorative Practices

These trainings can be tailored for adults and youth designated to serve in a leadership capacity within your group/organization to provide conflict resolution and restorative practices services to their colleagues and peers.  

Anger Management

Anger Management training provides life-skill strategies (e.g. problem-solving, communications) to help participants of all ages understand their negative feelings and equips them with the tools to manage their behavior and avoid conflict. This training explores anger and its association with conflict and provides an understanding of the impact of both anger and conflict on human behavior and human interaction. In this training participants will:

  • Examine the phases of anger
  • Explore the feelings associated with conflict that lead to anger
  • Identify situations that “trigger” anger
  • Identify and practice healthy strategies to effectively manage anger

For more information contact Lynda Bell at or phone (585) 546-5100 ext. 113


Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is a constructive approach to interpersonal and inter-group conflicts that helps people with opposing positions work together to arrive at mutually acceptable solutions. This interactive curriculum –

  • Identifies personal styles of conflict management
  • Examine beliefs and attitudes about conflict resolution
  • Explores the use of effective communication as a means of resolving conflict
  • Examines various methods used in conflict resolution
  • Examines conflict and how it relates to everyday life

For more information contact Lynda Bell at or phone (585) 546-5100 ext. 113


Diversity Training

This one-day workshop explores the meaning of diversity and inclusion and the impact communications within a diverse society can have on conflict. In this highly interactive training participants will:

  • Develop an appreciation for the role/relationship of understanding, managing and resolving conflict
  • Learn the importance of leveraging diversity and creating an inclusive environment/culture to reduce the potential for conflict
  • Explore effective conflict management techniques for the workplace
  • Develop an appreciation for the value of diversity

For more information contact Lynda Bell at or phone (585) 546-5100 ext. 113


Basic Principles of Mediation

The Center for Dispute Settlement offers basic training in the Principles of Mediation from a transformative orientation. This dynamic training is based on the experiential learning model and provides participants with a working knowledge of the mediation process as well as the skills necessary to effectively mediate various community issues. Topical areas covered in this training  include:

  • Understanding Conflict
  • Active Listening
  • Empowerment & Recognition
  • Mediator Standards of Conduct

For more information contact Lynda Bell at or phone (585) 546-5100 ext. 113